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Advantages of Vacuum Brazing (Vacuum Furnace Brazing)

Vacuum Furnace Brazing delivers the equivalent of a welded joint, but with far more control during the application of heat to the components to be joined. For some customers we apply copper braze within a copper brazing service when affixing aluminium alloy with similar and other metals.  The process and properties of the joined material include:
  • Very strong joint, equal to or even stronger the base material.
  • Possible to join different materials (Example: metal-ceramic).
  • Clean process, products remain metallic blank. Brazing without fluxing agents, therefore no undesired surface reactions.
  • Brazing and hardening in one process possible.
  • High degree of engineering freedom.
  • Suited for single pieces and large quantities.
  • Multiple joints in one brazing operation possible.
  • Very clean hygienic contaminant-free joint suitable for food and medical industry.
  • Ultra High Vacuum joint integrity.
  • High dimensional accuracy.

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