Low Pressure Carburising

Low Pressure Carburising (or Vacuum Carburising as it is also known) provides a clean, modern approach to carburising. This heat treatment which requires real precision, is one delivering low distortion of the original component whilst carburising is effected.

Low Pressure Carburising, or 'LPC', in heat treatment terms, a recent development of vacuum carburising. Many different steels can be successfully treated, even some with relatively poor hardenability. The correct choice of steel will depend on the application and section size being treated. 

An excellent process to apply to TOOL STEEL is low pressure carburising - as the process delivers extremely long wearing surfaces, ideal for tooling operations.

Benefits over conventional gas carburising include: 
  • Lower distortion
  • No intergranular oxidation
  • No decarburisation
  • Increased Carbon penetration down fine holes
  • Clean finish

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Available At:

Commonly Treated Materials:

S155, En36, 819AW, NC310YW, S156, En39, W460, 35NCD16, C61, C64

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