Induction Hardening of Metals

This involves heating applied rapidly and locally to the steel component followed by fast cooling (quenching). High frequency electric fields quickly heat the surface of the component via inductor coils, which is then quenched using water. This results in a localised hardened layer at the surface. 
Different shaped inductor coils are available and can be made to suit. 

Induction Hardening offers a cost effective low distortion surface hardening treatment to steels, particularly large components where an increase in surface hardness is required whilst maintaining core properties. 

We have a hugely comprehensive range of handling equipment, which includes horizontal and vertical fixtures and the ability to manufacture special handling equipment to your individual requirements for small batch or high volume production.


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Commonly Treated Materials:

080M40 (En8), 070M55 (En9), 708M40 (En19), 817M40 (En24)


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