Vacuum Brazing (Vacuum Furnace Brazing)

Vacuum Brazing is an advanced high temperature brazing technique which is performed at high temperatures (>800°C) in a protective atmosphere. Other brazing techniques are soft brazing (<450°C) and hard brazing (450-800°C). Advantage of high temperature brazing compared to soft and/or hard brazing is that a joint is created with higher strength and higher quality, without using fluxing agents. Because of that, no undesired surface reactions will appear and the parts remain very clean and bright after the brazing process. Also the parts, after the high temperature brazing process, can be hardened with almost every hardening technique like carburizing, nitriding, nitrocarburising or vacuum hardening. It is even possible to do the hardening and brazing in one process. 

Closely fitted parts can be Vacuum Brazed to form assemblies with extremely strong leak proof bonds. 

Expertise within 
Aalberts Surface Technologies especially with Nickel and Copper brazing has enabled dissimilar metals of complex geometry to be successfully joined.
Pastes, wire or foil are used as the brazing media and the components assembled under strict quality conditions prior to loading into a Vacuum chamber. The chamber is evacuated and the parts are heated at a controlled ramp rate under a set vacuum level to the braze temperature. The CNC Vacuum Furnace undergoes a pre-programmed cycle dependant on material and geometry conditions. 

Finished brazing assemblies are bright, clean and the process results in minimal distortion. 


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Vacuum Furnace Brazing delivers the equivalent of a welded joint, but with far more control during the application of heat to the components to be joined. For some customers we apply copper braze within a copper brazing service when affixing aluminium alloy with similar and other metals.  The process and properties of the joined material include:
  • Very strong joint, equal to or even stronger than the base material.
  • Possible to join different materials (Example: metal-ceramic).
  • Clean process, products remain metallic blank. Brazing without fluxing agents, therefore no undesired surface reactions.
  • Brazing and hardening in one process possible.
  • High degree of engineering freedom.
  • Suited for single pieces and large quantities.
  • Multiple joints in one brazing operation possible.
  • Very clean hygienic contaminant-free joint suitable for food and medical industry.
  • Ultra High Vacuum joint integrity.
  • High dimensional accuracy.
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